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Bottled water’s affect is 3,500 occasions greater than faucet water

Research led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) has discovered that bottled water’s environmental affect is 3,500 occasions greater than faucet water’s. In a examine carried out to find out bottled water’s affect in Barcelona, it was established that it’s extra pricey each financially and ecologically when individuals use bottled water as an alternative of faucet water.

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The examine discovered that if all residents of Barcelona had been to make use of bottled water, it could lead to 3,500 occasions extra useful resource extraction than faucet water at a price improve of $83.9 million. Research into this subject started after traits discovered that, regardless of sturdy funding into purifying Barcelona’s faucet water, most residents desire bottled water.

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Besides bottled water’s affect on sources, researchers additionally discovered it to be extra pricey ecologically. They concluded that bottled water’s affect on ecosystems is 1,400 occasions greater than faucet water.

As reported by The Guardian, this analysis is the primary of its variety to look at bottled water’s affect in Barcelona. Although the examine was solely carried out in a single metropolis, the outcomes may very well be replicated in different developed nations. In most nations, the price of faucet water is decrease than that of bottled water.

According to ISGlobal researcher Cristina Villanueva and lead writer of the examine, the widescale use of bottled water in Barcelona doesn’t have any health profit. “Health reasons don’t justify the wide use of bottled water. Yes, strictly speaking, drinking tap water is worse for local health, but when you weigh both, what you gain from drinking bottled water is minimal. It’s quite obvious that the environmental impacts of bottled water are higher compared to tap water,” mentioned Villanueva.

Villanueva says that this examine might assist change individuals’s notion of bottled water, however she argues that extra needs to be finished by way of coverage formulation. Many individuals have a tendency to make use of bottled water as a result of enticing advertising and marketing campaigns by bottled water corporations. “We could have more education campaigns to make the public aware that the health gains from drinking bottled water are minor compared to the environmental impacts,” mentioned Villanueva.

“People trust bottled water because advertisers have done a good job of convincing people it’s a good option, so we need the effort on the other side.”

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